Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on CAPS LOCK?

On Chrome keyboards, there is no CAPS LOCK button; instead, press alt + search to turn CAPS LOCK on or off.

For a full list of Chrome keyboard shortcuts press ctrl + alt + ? , or go here for more information about Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

The alt and search keys on a Chrome keyboard.

How do I use Accessibility options?

Refer to our Accessibility page for more info around these options, including screen zoom, text-to-speech, and voice commands / dictation.

Why is my PDF document not printing?

In some rare cases, we have found that PDF documents have trouble printing. If this happens for you, open up the Print menu and click on More options. At the bottom you will see a tickbox for Print as image - tick this box, and the document should now successfully print.

The Print as image tickbox.

How do I work with Microsoft Word documents?

VIEW: If you click on a Word document in Chrome OS, it will automatically open using 'compatibility mode'. In this mode, you are able to view and print the document. Note that some formatting (eg tables, fonts) may not display correctly in this mode. For a more accurate view of the document, you can use Word Online (see CREATE, below).

EDIT: If you have Gmail or a Google Account, you can open a Word document in Google Docs, where the document can be edited. The Google Docs interface is mostly very similar to Microsoft Word, including a range of formatting options. Note that while Google Docs will match the Word formatting of simple documents, for more complex documents some elements may not display correctly - if this is the case and these elements are important to you, you can use Word Online (see CREATE, below).

CREATE: There are two main ways to create documents, which is to use either Google Docs or Word Online. Google Docs is extremely convenient if you already have a Gmail or Google account, and you can launch it directly from your Gmail (9 dots in the top-right corner).

If you prefer to use Word, Microsoft has an online version available. Microsoft email (Outlook, Hotmail) users can launch Word Online directly from their email (9 dots in the top-left corner). Alternatively, you can go to and sign in with your Microsoft account details, to access the Office Online suite, including Word. See here for instructions on how to create a Microsoft account.

PRINT: You can print the Word document from Google Docs, Word Online or compatibility mode. Just click the Print button, or press ctrl + p.

Can I create/edit/print a document without having to create and sign into an account?

Google and Microsoft both provide excellent online suites for working with documents, and both are absolutely free. But to access these you first need to create a (free) Google or Microsoft account, if you don't have one already.

If you just want to quickly create a document, there are also many other free alternatives available online, many of which don't require an account to use. A simple internet search will display a selection of options.

One example is Just head to the website, then click on the blue Launch Editor button in the top right. This will open up a clean web interface for creating a document, including basic formatting options.

Why can't I access a particular website?

APNK provides a safe internet connection for libraries, using a number of security measures including content filters. Some content that is deemed inappropriate or harmful is blocked by these filters. In some cases, the content itself is not objectionable, but the website requires access to internet ports that we have blocked for security reasons (some online game sites are an example of this).

Please talk to a library staff member if you believe a website has been incorrectly blocked.

How do I type macrons for use in Te Reo Māori?

GOOGLE DOCS: Go to Insert > Special characters, then type macron into the Search box to display the macron characters. Alternatively, you can draw the shape of the character you want in the space provided.

Another Google Docs option available is to use an add-on called "Easy Accents". Go to Add-ons > Get add-ons, then search for easy accents. Once you have added this add-on, it will now be available wherever you use Google Docs - go to Add-ons > Easy Accents > Easy Accents - Start to activate the add-on, and it will appear as a side-bar window. Select Māori from the language options, and buttons with the macron characters will be displayed.

WORD ONLINE: Go to Insert > Add-ins, and use keywords to search for the add-in "Symbols and Characters - Fast Symbol Lookup", then Add. Once added, go to Add-ins, and click Show next to the Symbols And Characters icon. The add-in will now appear in a panel on the right-hand side. Type macron into the search box, and the macron character options will be displayed.

GENERAL: The website allows you to type text using macrons, which can then be copy-and-pasted into a document or email. (Note that the TypeIt website supports special characters for a variety of other languages too.)

You can also highlight the character you want from the selection below, then copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) it into your document or email:

ā  Ā    ē  Ē    ī  Ī    ō  Ō    ū  Ū

Can I use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) over the APNK connection?

No.  APNK provides a filtered network and internet service to our partner libraries and in order to ensure this, VPN access is disallowed from the Wi-Fi and public computer networks.

Is my personal data secure on the APNK network?

The APNK team work hard to ensure that the APNK network and APNK users are protected. While the decision of whether to use the APNK connection is up to each individual, to help inform that decision here is an overview of some of what APNK do to keep users safe:

While APNK does all it can to protect the privacy and security of its users, the standard cautions around using the internet still apply. There are many scam emails and websites that will try to obtain private information, and users are reminded to always exercise vigilance on the internet, and never give out personal info to non-trusted sites.

Can I download files from the internet using APNK?

Yes - you can download files from the internet using the APNK computers or Wi-Fi. Files downloaded to the hard drive of an APNK computer can then be copied to removable media such as a USB flash drive. (Note that any downloaded files will be deleted from the APNK computer when the session ends.)

Please be aware that it is not possible to install software on APNK computers. That means you cannot install games, drivers or Chrome browser extensions.

Other things to note: