For general information about using Chrome, go here.


The keyboards on the Chromebooks and Chrome Stations are the same layout (Chrome keyboard).

There are small changes to the standard US qwerty keyboard.

  1. Caps lock is replaced by search button alt + search How to use caps lock on Chrome

  2. No Windows (Home) key

  3. The top row contains web browsing tools along with brightness and volume controls

The attached video explains the changes and functions of the Chrome keyboard layout

For a list of all Keyboard shortcuts press ctrl + alt + ?

Google Help Keyboard Page

Headphones / Microphones

For both Chrome Stations and Chromebooks, USB and single aux port headsets will work.

Older headsets with multiple plugs will be unable to use the microphone without an adaptor. Library staff may be able to supply an Aux splitter.

There is a built in microphone on the Chromebooks along the top of the screen to the right of the webcam.

aux splitter cable

Aux Splitter

Memory Cards

MicroSD and USB ports are available to use on APNK Chrome desktop and laptop devices.

(NOTE: With the MicroSD slot, ensure you push the card all the way in - it will lock in place with a spring. Similarly, to remove the card, push it in to release the spring.)

For memory cards that do not fit these ports, you will need to use a USB card reader. Please ask library staff if they have one available to loan.

USB and MicroSD ports on a Chromebox

USB and MicroSD ports on a Chromebox

A USB card reader.

USB Card Reader


All Chromebooks (laptops) have inbuilt webcams.

Library staff may be able to supply you with a webcam for the desktop Chrome Stations.

An external webcam.

External Webcam