Printing & Scanning


Printing from Chromebooks and ChromeStations

  1. When you are ready to print, either:

    • Press ctrl + p

    • Go to File > Print

    • Select the printer icon

  2. In Destination, make sure Monitor Cloud Queue is selected.

  3. In Colour, select the option for output (Colour or Black) that you want.

  4. Adjust any other settings as required.

  5. When you are ready, press Print.

  6. Take your sign-in details (either Guest Pass or Library Card) with you up to the counter.

  7. Library staff will find your print job, advise of the price, collect payment and then release the printing.

Printing from your own device (BYOD)

You can print to APNK printers from any device, by sending an email to You will then receive an auto-reply email with a Job ID; give this Job ID to library staff so they can find your print job in the system.

Things to note:

  • If the email contains file attachments, these attachments will be regarded as the print job, and the email body text will be ignored.

  • If the email has no attachments, the email body text will be the print job.

  • The print job will only remain active in the system for up to 24 hours before being purged.

  • Most standard file types can be sent, including common image files (eg JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP) and document files (eg DOCX, PDF, TXT, XLS, CSV).

  • If a file type is not accepted by the print system, it will most likely result in no auto-reply email being sent. Ask a library staff member if you are unsure.

Additional BYOD Printing instructions here:


There are two HP scanner models currently used in APNK libraries: the FN1 and the FN2.

Use the images (right) to identify the model your library has, then follow the relevant process from the options provided below.

FN1 scanner

FN2 scanner

How to scan to email

FN1: Printable guide with screenshots

FN2: Printable guide with screenshots

How to scan to USB

FN1: Printable guide with screenshots

FN2: Printable guide with screenshots

How to scan multiple items into a single file (Job Build)

FN1: Instructions for using the Job Build functionality (FN1)

FN2: The Job Build functionality is built into the default processes for scanning on the FN2 scanner.

An APNK scanner with a pull-out keyboard.

Both models have a pull-out keyboard on the scanner for ease of typing.