Get started with APNK

Thanks for using the Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa (APNK)

The computer you are currently using runs on the Chrome operating system, so if you normally use Windows or Apple computers you may notice that things look a little bit different.

The good news is that the differences are minor and easy to learn, and you will find yourself enjoying the simplicity of Chrome in no time!


In the top-right of this website, you will see headings (Welcome, Internet/WiFi, Using Chrome, etc) with drop-down options. Explore those to find lots of helpful information.

In addition to those resources, the page you are reading is designed as a starting point for people who perhaps haven't used a Chrome computer before.

What's what on the screen

Keep track of the time!

It’s important to know that your session has a time limit. In the bottom-right of the screen is a countdown clock, displaying how much time is left for your current session.

(If you can’t see the countdown, click on the blue and orange diamonds icon near the middle bottom of the screen.)

When your session time is getting low, a Low Session Time message will pop up on the screen.

Click the End Session button in the Time Remaining  window to end the session.

NOTE: If you need to, you may be able to extend the time of the session, by clicking an Extend Session? button. If you can't see this option, talk with a librarian to ask about extending your session.

What happens when the session ends?

When your APNK computer session ends, all open webpages and apps will be closed, and any files still open or saved to the computer will be deleted.

Therefore it is essential that you finish what you are doing before the end of the session.

If you are working on a document, be sure to save it off the computer (either onto a USB flash drive or in the cloud) to avoid losing your work.

Browsing the internet

This computer is already connected to the internet, and the page you are reading right now is a webpage.

Google search is built into the Chrome internet browser. To search simply start typing in the address bar at the top of this window.

Alternatively, you can type in the Search box below to get started:

Opening and saving your files


Chrome computers have USB ports, where you can plug in a flash drive and copy files to and from it.


If you save something to the Chrome computer, it gets saved in the DOWNLOADS folder.


An even better option than a flash drive is to save files “in the cloud”, which means they get stored securely online. Online storage allows you (and only you) to access them wherever you are.

There are a variety of free online storage options to choose from, including Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox.

Using Apps

Where is CAPS LOCK?

If you are using a Chromebook laptop computer, you will notice a few differences in the keyboard layout, when compared to a standard Windows keyboard.

Don't forget your password!

Many online services (email, social media, cloud storage, etc) require you to set up a free account in order to use them. When you set up an account, you need to choose a password. 

Here are some tips for choosing and remembering your password(s):

Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a popular program used for creating and editing documents. The good news is that you can use Word on Chrome OS too; the look and feel is much the same, but instead of being a program stored on the computer, it’s an online version accessed from the internet browser.


To use Word you’ll need a Microsoft Account. This is free to set up, and only takes a couple of minutes.


You will find an icon for Word in the Apps pop-up menu. Click on this to launch Word.

Alternatives to Word

Google Docs is a great alternative to Word for editing documents online. Google also offers alternatives for almost everything you can do in Microsoft Office. For example:

Setting up a Google Account is also free and easy to do. Just head to to get started.

Note that both options include free cloud storage: OneDrive (Microsoft) and Google Drive (Google). These offer you a private space on the internet for storing files, and only you can access them.


Once you have pressed OK, head up to the counter with either your Guest Pass or Library Card number (ie the same code that you used to sign into your computer session). With that information, the library staff member will be able to find your print job, and tell you how much it will cost. Once payment is made, they will release the job to the printer.

Accessibility options

There are many Accessibility options available with Chrome devices. For an overview of the more commonly used ones, go to this page:


For a more complete guide, go to Google's own website for information about all Chrome Accessibility options:

Google webpage  about all Chrome Accessibility options

Still need help?

If you need further help with anything to do with using this computer, please ask a library staff member for assistance.