Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

For general information about APNK Internet and Wi-Fi, go here.

Connected, but no internet?

If you cannot get the APNK Terms of Use page to load after connecting to the Wi-Fi:

  • Stop the current web page from trying to load

  • Type apnk.nz in the address bar and press Enter

  • If your device has connected previously, forget the APNK Library network, then re-join

  • Try restarting the device

If you can get to the APNK Terms of Use page, but cannot get any further:

  • Try restarting the device

  • Check whether your device is trying to use a VPN client to access the internet. VPN access is blocked on the APNK network, so using a VPN will stop the device from connecting.

If problems persist please try the more in-depth troubleshooting below.

Troubleshooting Checklists

(last updated 24/04/19)


Windows computers: