Internet / WiFi

APNK offers free internet services to library customers via WiFi and Chrome devices

If you need help connecting your device, refer to our WiFi Troubleshooting

And refer here for help with using Email on Personal Devices


APNK internet access is filtered to ensure inappropriate material is not viewed in a public environment.

Please talk to a library staff member if you believe a website has been incorrectly blocked.


In order to stay safe on a public wireless network the APNK recommends that you follow standard computer security guidelines including

  • Have up-to-date anti-virus software running
  • Have up-to-date security patches for the operating system and other programs installed
  • Check websites requiring passwords/credit card/personal information use HTTPS (see below)
  • Configure your email to use SSL
  • Connect to a known WiFi network

APNK also ensures that Wireless Client Security Separation is enabled at all our free WiFi hotspots – this means that associated wireless clients are not able to communicate directly with each other's devices.

Only connect to a trustworthy WiFi network

The APNK WiFi network is named: APNK

The password is: 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 (eight 8s, no spaces)

Once connected users receive a prompt to agree to the APNK Terms Of Use. Other WiFi networks may also be available in the area. We cannot guarantee the security or trustworthiness of networks other than our own. You use these at your own risk.


If you are accessing a page that requires a login and password, or if you are entering ANY personal data (credit card, etc) make sure that you are on a secure site.

Check that the web address begins with HTTPS instead of the usual HTTP and your information will be safely encrypted before transmission.

Comparison of https and http web addresses.

Privacy Policy

APNK Privacy Policy

Online Safety

Online resources about internet safety